3 Affordable Ways to Prevent Gutter Clogs

25 Aug 3 Affordable Ways to Prevent Gutter Clogs

clogged gutterLeaf clogs are a homeowner’s worst nightmare when it comes to roof and gutter maintenance, but they can easily be prevented with a few supplies and a little time investment. Here are three easy ways to prevent gutter clogs—all of which are affordable and can be done yourself.

Use gutter protectors.

Gutter protectors, or gutter guards, are flat screens that fit over the top of the gutter, allowing water to flow in but keeping leaves out. They come in various widths to suit gutters of different sizes. Some are made from plastic or vinyl while others are made of metal, and they typically come in basic colors such as white, brown, and black. Most gutter protectors are easy to install and feature a simple snap-on type of installation, while others feature a hinge for easy installation along the front of the gutter. The back of the gutter protector often slides under the first row of shingles on your roof. Some gutter protectors feature a convex design that makes them less likely to collapse under the pressure of snow, ice, or debris.

A similar but different type of gutter protector is solid in design but features a narrow slotted channel along the length that allows rainwater to flow in. Some who are prone to having pine needles clog up their gutters prefer this type of gutter protector because the needles are much less likely to pass through the solid design.

Use gutter filters.

Another option is gutter filters. Gutter filters are made from a special foam material that filters rain through while keeping leaves and other debris out. They fit right inside your gutter and are thus incredibly easy to install. Gutter filters have the added bonus of improving storm water management, preventing mold, and keeping mosquitoes from breeding in the gutters.

One similar but different type of gutter filter here is the bottle brush gutter guard. It is a long “bottle brush” made of stiff bristles that sits right inside your gutter. Leafs nest on top of the bristles while water is still free to pass through the bristles and into your gutter.

Keep your trees trimmed.

It helps, of course, to keep your trees trimmed, with branches away from the gutters that line your roof. This makes leaves much less likely to blow into your gutters and wreak havoc.

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