3 Roofing Options for Flat Roofs

04 Aug 3 Roofing Options for Flat Roofs

rubber membrane flat roofFlat roofs are seen on corporate buildings everywhere, and you’d be surprised by how common they are in residential roofing as well. Flat roofing requires an entirely different set of solutions compared to sloped residential roofing. Here are three of the most common roofing options for flat roofs, both commercial and residential.

Built-Up Roof (BUR)

A built-up roof is one of the most affordable solutions for a flat roof. It is constructed with waterproof material alternated with hot tar, then topped with a layer of gravel over the final layer of hot tar. The gravel offers UV protection and aesthetic appeal for situations when that part of the roof might be visible from windows in the building. The gravel can also sometimes act as a fire retardant. On the downside, it is difficult to pinpoint the source of a leak in this type of roof, and the weight of this roof type could make reinforcement of the building structure necessary.

Modified Bitumen

This is a type of membrane roof that involves the use of single-ply material rolled out onto the surface of the roof. The material serves as an ice and water shield on the roof but also has a mineral-infused top surface that reflects light and cuts on energy costs. This type of roof is often installed with heat or torches, which would make it difficult for upkeep by homeowners, but some friendlier options feature peel-and-stick installation. It lasts relatively long for the low cost, but it can scuff and tear easily.

Rubber Membrane

This type of roofing is made from a rubber called EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). It also involves roll-out installation and is dark grey or black in color, though lighter-colored versions are available. It is typically adhered with fasteners or glue or is ballasted with gravel. Rubber membrane roofing is designed to resist heat and sunlight, but it can still be susceptible to damage resulting from intense heat or sunlight. It is generally more expensive than BUR and modified bitumen, but is is relatively easy for homeowners to install, and leaks are easy to patch.

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