Choosing the Perfect Roof Style for Your Home

09 Apr Choosing the Perfect Roof Style for Your Home

red roof tilesYour roof need not remain the standard dull color it was when you bought your home; there are so many other options out there for you to consider when it comes time to replace your roof. But how do you know what will look good on your home and what won’t? Here are a few things to consider before investing in a new roof so that you can have a roof perfectly suited to your taste and your home’s style.


Many are unaware of just how vast the options are for new roofing for a home. Each roofing supplier will offer its own selection of shingles in a variety of materials, but you’ll typically find fiberglass, asphalt, wood, and steel as available options. Standard asphalt shingles can come in rougher or smoother textures, but either way they will still offer more texture than, say, steel shingles. Asphalt shingles are generally a safe option to go with and look great with brick, stone, and siding alike. Steel shingles can be manufactured to look like slate, tile, or even wood; they tend to offer a home a smoother, more modern look.


Some shingles are made to lie flatter on your roof, while others come up slightly at an angle, giving a roof more texture. You can also choose between random-cut sawtooth designs and all-rectangle designs. If you’re going for a more natural aesthetic, you’ll want to opt for a random-cut shingle design, whereas homes that fit well in a suburban area will often have flatter, all-rectangular shingles. One thing to consider with style is both the size and pitch of your roof. A larger roof tends to look busier than a smaller one, even when they both use a shingle that is only slightly dimensional. A roof without much slope might look better with an ultra-dimensional shingle that helps give the roof more weight.


It’s okay to go a little bolder with your next roof, but don’t forget that you’ll want to opt for something that will make for good resale value. In other words, you can look at current trends in color for roofing color inspiration, but keep in mind that this is a much longer-term investment than a new item of clothing or home decor piece. Now, when narrowing down to that one color, what seems to complement the colors and textures already on the face of your home? A warm, brown stone home front, for example, would pair especially well with a deep dark brown, almost black, roof that also explores neutral earth tones. An especially vibrantly colored home might go best with a roof that is a little more muted to create balance—perhaps a medium gray. When in doubt, look for homes with a similar color palette to your own and see what speaks to you.

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