Choosing the Right Color for Your Roof

11 Aug Choosing the Right Color for Your Roof

red roofA roof is one of the biggest investments you make in your home’s outward appearance, which means that you need to get the color just right. Here are some tips to choosing the best roof color for your home.

Study your home’s color.

You’ll want to be sure to study the side of your home to gain a full understanding of the hues and tones that contribute to your home’s overall appearance—particularly those of the more permanent elements such as brickwork, siding, stucco, and stonework. Do your bricks have a warmer or cooler tone? Is your siding really grey, or does it have a slightly blue hue? Or, if your home has stonework, is it grey or more brown in color? Be sure to study the multiple dimensions of color that the outside of your home exhibits, so that you can make a more informed decision on the color of your roof.

Pay particular attention to stonework and brick.

Stonework and brick require the most attention when selecting roof color because their unique coloring often calls for a more customized selection in roof color. Homes with stonework or brickwork also tend to have a busy look to them already, which means that you should select something simple and toned-down for your roof. Stick to one color rather than a “dimensionally colored” asphalt roof.

Look at homes in the neighborhood.

Nearby homes will offer great inspiration for roof color, as you’ll likely find homes that have the same stonework or siding as your home. You’ll get a feel for what roof colors other homeowners have chosen to coordinate with and see a variety of ways that these homeowners have accented with shutters, window trim, and door color.

Take note of how ‘roof-heavy’ your home is.

Some roofs are more “roof-heavy” than others, depending on which areas of the home have sloping roofs and how steep the slope of your roof is. If your home is not very roof-heavy, black is a great, viable option, but if your home is more roof-heavy and already features dark accents on the front, then black might give your home a bleak appearance.

View the shingle in different types of lighting.

Remember that the type of lighting that hits your shingle can affect the color it takes on. Look at your shingles in both strong sunlight and cooler shade to ensure that the shingle color will pair well with your home.

When in doubt, opt for a dark neutral.

Dark brown, dark grey, and black are popular roofing colors for a reason—they are versatile, will never go out of style, and make for good resale value. Unless the style of your home calls for a particular roofing color, such as orange clay tiles on a Spanish-style home or lighter colored shakes on a cottage-style home, going with a dark neutral is always a safe bet. Your roof, after, is a major investment that will last for years to come.

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