Common Roof and Attic Pests (and What to Do about Them)

22 Mar Common Roof and Attic Pests (and What to Do about Them)

domestic mouseSmall animals, birds, and insects frequently enter homes in order to seek refuge, and unfortunately this can mean seeing significant damage to our own roofs. Here is a look at some of the most common roof and attic pests and what to do about them.

Rats and mice

If you can hear scratching on your roof (or in your attic) in the middle of the night, chances are there are rats or mice coming into your home through the roof and surrounding areas. Rats are larger and are typically louder than mice, making distinguishable footsteps sounds as they scurry around. Mice, while still noisy, tend to make less noise and scurry so quickly that they almost make a continuous stream of noise as they scurry around an attic. These pests can cause significant damage to your home, as they will gnaw on wood, wiring, plumbing, household items, or just about anything else to keep their teeth sharp. They also have a tendency to gnaw on wood and other materials in the area where they originally entered your home, adding to any damage you may already have to your roof or attic area. Rats and mice can enter your home through almost impossibly small openings, so the chances of this happening to you are greater than you think. Ultimately this is a problem that you’ll want to take up with pest control (they control more than just insects!), following up with a roof specialist who can inspect your roof and make any repairs that are needed.


Yep—squirrels can and do enter homes as well, even through openings as small as 1.5 inches. Like mice and rats, squirrels will gnaw around the opening in your roof in order to create easier access, and they’ll chew through wood, wiring, insulation, and more. Ultimately, squirrels can prove a threat to the structural integrity of your roof. These animals tend to be more active in the daytime, so listen for them during the daylight hours. For squirrels, you’ll want to call a pest control company that also specializes in squirrel capture and removal, following up with a roof specialist who can inspect your roof, seal up any openings, and repair damage.


Bats are especially infamous for the way in which they take refuge in tiled roofs, but they can squeeze through incredibly small openings (as small as ⅜”) and enter your attic as well. Bats are, of course, most active at night, and their droppings tend to create a very unpleasant odor. They tend to congregate in colonies, meaning that a minor bat problem can escalate very quickly. Their droppings can accumulate very quickly, creating an unpleasant odor that ultimately permeates your home. Bats also chew through wood, wiring, insulation, and more. For bats, it’s important to find a qualified specialist who can evict the bats without harming them. Be sure to follow up with a roof specialist who can seal up any openings and repair structural damage.


Birds can actually be very detrimental to your roof as well. Their droppings are very acidic and can wear away at roofing materials, eventually even causing leaks. Their nests, meanwhile, can clog gutters and drains, and when they enter your home they can cause structural damage as well. Birds are a problem to take up with animal control as soon as possible, following up, of course, with a roofing specialist who can repair any damage that has occurred to your roofing materials.

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