How to Get an Honest Roof Estimate

08 Mar How to Get an Honest Roof Estimate

roof contractor estimateLooking to have your roof repaired or re-shingled? Here are some tips to getting an honest estimate as you shop around for the perfect roofing contractor.

Go with an honest company.

Of course, the first step you’ll want to take is to find a roofing specialist with integrity. As we discussed in our post about choosing the right roofing contractor, there are a number of ways to ensure that you are entrusting your next roofing project to an honest contractor. First, you should verify that the contractor is licensed by checking the website for your local Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. (For those located here in Utah, you’ll want to check with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing website.) Second, you’ll want to check with sites like the Better Business Bureau to see if homeowners like you are recommending the particular roofing contractor you are considering.

Talk to references.

References are another great source to go to when you’re trying to find an honest contractor for your next roofing project. Not only can they discuss with you the experience that they had with their own roof repair or replacement, but they can also help give you an idea of what to expect price-wise from that particular contractor. If you’re lucky, the roofing contractor will keep a list of references on hand that you can then follow up on. Ask these references about the experience that they had, and if they feel comfortable discussing pricing, ask them how much they paid for the service they received—and whether or not this cost was more than the original quote. This will give you a good idea of what to expect before requesting an estimate.

Ask for a free estimate.

A trustworthy roofing contractor will offer you a free, no-obligation estimate, be it over the phone or in person. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss what your particular roof needs and to determine how much you can expect to pay when all is said and done.

Meet with the contractor before work begins.

A trustworthy contractor will also be willing to meet with you before work begins. This is an especially good thing to take advantage of if you happened to get your free roofing estimate over the phone. Meeting with the contractor before the project starts can give you a better idea of how honest the contractor you are considering is, and it gives you an extra opportunity to ask any last minute questions about extra fees and labor costs before you commit to your contractor.

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