How to Pull Off a Colored Roof

22 Nov How to Pull Off a Colored Roof

purple roofAlways dreamed of having a colored roof? Though most home design and roofing specialists will recommend going with a neutral color for your roof—a roof is a significant home investment that will last for years, after all—there are definitely cases when a colored roof can be appropriate. Here are some ways that you might be able to pull off having a colored roof.

Copy other homes in the neighborhood.

Take a drive around your neighborhood and see which homes feature colored roofs, if any. It might be that another homeowner in your neighborhood has already made the jump for a colored roof. Did they pair the yellow-toned stonework on the home with a dark blue roof? Did they opt for green shutters and therefore dark green shingles as well? See what other homeowners have already done and decide if their roofing choices will work for your home as well.

Study your home’s color.

What shade is the siding or stonework on your home exactly? Is everything on solid color, or are there slight variations in hue? One way to get a solid idea of what color your home is—without context distorting your color perceptions—is to take a photo of your home in natural, white balanced light and to them sample a pixel of your image in photo editing software. Once you get a comprehensive idea of what color your home is, you’ll be able to make a better informed decision on roof color.

Try a “hued neutral.”

If you’re wanting to add some color to your roof without going overboard, you might instead opt for a neutral shingle or tile shade that has that ever-so-slight tint of color. If you’ve always wanted a blue roof for your yellow home, for example, you might instead opt for dark grey shingles that feature a slight blue tint to them, almost suggesting blue but not quite. Or if you want a red roof to suit a tan colored home, you might instead opt for dark brown shingles with a slight red hue to them. “Hued neutral” colored shingles are a great alternative to brightly colored shingles because they don’t make quite as loud a statement, and a future homebuyer will probably prefer them to brightly colored shingles. Many homeowners also underestimate just how bright a colored roof will look on their home, so “hued neutrals” are a safer option.

Talk to a professional.

Finally, talk to a professional roofing company to get their insights on colored roofs. A professional roof will be especially well-versed in roofing homes in your area and will be able to tell you what has and hasn’t worked in the past.

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