Knowing When You Need a Repair vs. a New Roof

11 Jul Knowing When You Need a Repair vs. a New Roof

reroofingYour roof is a major investment that you make in your home, which means that you’ll want to protect it and preserve it for as long as possible. Oftentimes, a roof repair is just what you need, but sometimes the best and most cost-effective option is to opt for a roof replacement. Here is a guide to help you decide whether your roof is due for a simple repair or a full-on replacement.

Reasons for a repair

If there is a leak in your roof, then chances are that a repair can fix the problem. You can detect a leak in your roof if you see water spots on your ceiling, or if you notice frequently after rain storms that there is a small influx of water limited to a particular area in your home. A repair might also be in order if high winds have caused minor visual damage to your roof, or if your roof has missing shingles. Many opt for a roof repair because of financial limitations, as a repair will generally cost less than a full roof replacement job.

Reasons for a replacement

There are certain situations, however, when repair is simply not the best option in terms of maintaining a functioning roof and protecting your home. If your roof experiences frequent leaks, if the leaks seem to be over a widespread area, or if age has left your shingles chipped, cracked, broken, or curling up on the edges, then chances are a roof replacement is in order. Significant storm damage or loss of roofing materials such as flashing are also good reasons to replace your roof. An insurance company may even cover the cost of a full roof replacement if the damage was caused exclusively by a major storm. Some also choose to replace their roofs simply because it contributes to a home’s curb appeal.

An in-between option

It is possible to go for a partial replacement, where only a portion of your roof’s materials and shingles are replaced. The upside to this is that is can make major roofing repairs possible when finances don’t allow for a full roof replacement. The downside, however, is that this often doesn’t make as much financial sense in the long run. Opting for a partial roof replacement now and then second partial replacement of the rest of the roof in the future will likely cost you more than a single roof replacement would.

If you’re a Utah homeowner and are unsure as to which option would be best for you and your roof, give us a call today for a free estimate.

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