Roofing Don’ts

15 Feb Roofing Don’ts

Worker on the roofIf you are planning on getting a new roof or doing a small roof repair, there are a lot of things to consider.  Read below for our top four roofing don’ts that you should never do when repairing or replacing your roof.  Remember to always get any and all details of the roof repair (including an estimated completion date) in writing before and during the roof repair.

Don’t Do the Roof Repair Yourself

Roof Repair is not a DIY project.  There are many dangers and considerations that you may not even think about if you have not done a roofing project before.  It is always safer and smarter to hire a roofing contractor to tackle your roof repair, even if it will cost you a little more.  They know what they are doing, they have the proper safety gear, tools, training, etc.  Don’t try and take on this project yourself, as you may ruin your roof, or get seriously injured.  You can shop around to a few different contractors and get bids from each one.

Disregard HOA

Many Homeowners Associations have roofing rules that you will need to follow.  That may include color of roof, material of roof, styles, etc.  Before taking on a large roof repair project, make sure to check with the HOA to make sure that what you are doing is allowed.  Nothing would be more terrible to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a roof repair to find out that it is not allowed by your HOA and have to start over.  

Don’t Forget About Structural Integrity

While you can sometimes add an additional layer of shingles to your roof to extend it’s life, make sure that your home can handle the added weight.  You should never have more than two layers on your roof, as many homes cannot sustain that much weight.  Make sure that you explore your options and see if there are other materials or options for your roof that the structure of your home can support.  

Don’t Only Factor Cost When Choosing a Contractor

While it is important to try and get a good deal, it is more important to get a quality roof than a cheap roof.  Get references from every contractor that you get a quote from, and make sure that you are getting someone who knows what they are doing. You should consider the company’s experience level, what warranty the roof comes with,  what materials and tools they use, and more.  


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