Sloped Roofing

House with a gable roof windowSloped Roofing

Most residential roofs follow a beautiful slanted pattern.  Pitched roofs are durable, weather-resistant, offer more stability and structure, and help insulate your home just a little better than flat roofs.  Slanted roofs also create attic or loft space inside the home for extra storage or living space. 

Types of Sloped Roofing

There are two main types of sloped roofing: single A-style slopes and multi-gabled roofs (a gable is the triangular portion between intersecting roof pitches). A-style roofs are basic roofs with two sloping sides that look like an “A.”  They were popular from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.  Multi-gabled roofs, on the other hand, have multiple peaks across the roof face, often due to a more complicated housing design .  Multi-gabled roofs tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than simple A-style roofs and have become more popular in recent years.  

Sloped Roof Shingles

The most common shingles used on sloped roofs is the asphalt shingle.  They are the most cost effective type of shingle, and also have a long life.  There are many different styles and colors to fit the feel of your home.  You can also fit your home with shakes, (wood shingles), or metal shingles.  The type of shingles you should use depends greatly on your home.  For example, metal shingles seem like an incredible investment, as they can last up to 70 years, but not all structures can handle the weight of the material.  

Whatever roof you have, it is important to come to a roofing expert for any concerns.  Our staff is highly trained and can help you re-roof your home entirely or just repair your current roof.  Our services are “Garn-teed” to meet or exceed industry standards and code requirements.  Go ahead and give us a call today.