Snow Removal

Utah Snow Removal

Sidewalks, Streets and Roofing

Anyone that has lived in Utah for more than one season knows how harsh our winters can be. Even during a “dry” year, we can still be out shoveling our driveways a couple times a week. Garn-Tee Roofing Inc. is proud to announce the we can take care of that chore for you. Allowing you more time for things that really matter during the holiday season.

We can also safely remove snow pack from your roof. We don’t often think about it, but the roof can take quite a beating in the winter time. Extreme temperatures and moisture are two destructive forces for any roofing material. In the winter, the roof gets both in the form of a cold and wet blanket. Also, when things start to heat up, the snow melt creates a constant soak while it sits on top of your property.

Garn-Tee Roofing Inc. can help reduce the damage and risk associated with the harsh winter. Our roofing professionals have the experience to make sure that your property is cleared of snow swiftly and safely. Contact Us to setup a consultation and snow removal schedule that works for you.

Tractor removing snow at housing complex