Styles of Roofing Architecture: Gable

13 Oct Styles of Roofing Architecture: Gable

Due to the obvious necessity of needing a roof for shelter, every culture across any historical period has built them into their structured, despite having different methods of building them. Styles of Roofing Architecture is series about the various different styles of roofing that have survived the test of time and are in popular use in our country today. There is no one style of roof that is perfect. Your geographical location, price range, personal style, and practical needs must be applied towards choosing a roof. This series is meant to educate and help you decide…

metal replacement chimney for fireplaceThe gable style of roofing is the classic triangular shaped-roof. It is by far the most popular roofing style in America today, and has been for some time. Also called a “pitched” roof, a gable roof is characterized by two different roof surfaces that are angled towards each other to create a triangle. There’s plenty of reasons why you may or may not want a gable roof…



Gable roofs are very protective against lots of precipitation. The pitched sides eliminate standing water, and make the weight of snow working with the slope of your roof, instead of putting too much pressure on it. When equipped with a nice drainage system, water damage is minimal.

Classic look

The gable roof is an element of the classic American home. The simplicity of the design is both elegant and practical, and it gives you the option to have interior vaulted ceilings, if you so desire. Also, because of its commonality, any builder worth their salt will have no problem with construction.

Cost effective

These types of roofs are relatively cheap to make. They don’t require any sort of special engineering, since workers are so used to making them. Also, they tend to be very long lasting, and won’t require repairs nearly as much.



Wind is the biggest enemy of the gable roof. If you live in an area with high amounts of wind, then you’ll have to keep an ample amount of attention on your roof. The pitched angles of a gable roof cause wind to speed up, which can cause materials such as shingles to be ripped off. In extreme cases, such as tornados, the roof could even be taken off of the home.

Internal support

You will need lots of internal bracing for your gable roof, especially to deal with the aforementioned wind issues. These internal braces will take up attic space, and also need to be repaired over time if too much pressure is placed on the roof of the home.

Too “classic” of a look

While it is a classic look, it may be too common if you are looking to differentiate your home. The aesthetic is confined to that classic look in a way that can be hard to stray from. If this is important to you, there are more intricate designs out there, anyways, and people tend to be moving away from it.

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