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28 Oct Styles of Roofing Architecture: Mansard

Due to the obvious necessity of needing a roof for shelter, every culture across any historical period has built them into their structured, despite having different methods of building them. Styles of Roofing Architecture is series about the various different styles of roofing that have survived the test of time and are in popular use in our country today. There is no one style of roof that is perfect. Your geographical location, price range, personal style, and practical needs must be applied towards choosing a roof. This series is meant to educate and help you decide... Detail of a rooftop with skylights and snowThe mansard roof is an old French design, which is why they are sometimes referred to as “French roofs” in America. Created by the architect Francois Mansart, a mansard roof consists of four low-angled pitch sides that suddenly shoot up to a high-angled pitch, and then level out with a flat top. These are being seen in more and more modern homes.
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14 Sep Historical Roofs: Famous Tombs

Taj MahalHistorical Roofs is a weekly series where we take a look at some of the different gorgeous, old roofing from different regions of the world. In the past couple weeks we’ve looked at a couple beautiful roofs in Buddhist culture, as well as some stunning roofs in Europe on buildings made for religious purposes. With October and Halloween season around the bend, we thought it would be fitting to get ourselves prepared by taking a look at two gorgeously crafted tombs. While these final resting places were made by two very different cultures in different parts of the world, the similarities between them are hard to miss…
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