When It’s Time to Re-Roof Your Home

16 Apr When It’s Time to Re-Roof Your Home

inspecting roofA roof is an investment for your home that you want to last for years to come. As the years go by, however, your roof is exposed to harsh outdoor elements, pollutants, vegetation, and more, all of which work to break down your roof. When this happens, it’s important to know when to replace your roof’s shingles—and this may be sooner than you think. Here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to make a new investment in high-quality roofing.

Dark, Dirty Looking Areas

If there are areas on your roof that look dirty, or darker than the rest of your roof, you should definitely consider investing in new roofing. This could mean that your roof has been overly exposed to environmental pollutants or to fungus or algae growth. It could also mean that your roof has simply aged, causing the shingles losing granules. A roof in this case should also be redone.

Missing, Cracked, or Curling Shingles

This is another instance where your roof’s shingles have run the course of their useful life and should be replaced.

High Energy Bills

Believe it or not, your roof has a tremendous impact on the energy flow within your home. A newer, high-quality roof will help provide sufficient ventilation in your attic and stabilize temperatures in your home, allowing your heating and cooling systems to use less energy controlling temperatures in your home.

Blistering or Peeling of Outside Paint

If you’re noticing blisters or peeling of paint along the sides of your home, particularly in areas that are close to the roof, this is likely due to poor attic ventilation. A new, energy efficient roof will give your attic the ventilation it needs.

Roof Shingle, Sheathing, and Siding Decay

This is another sign that your roof isn’t giving upper areas in the home the ventilation they need.


If you’re noticing leakage in ceiling areas under your roof, this could be due inadequate shingle underlayment or deteriorated flashing. Leakage can present itself as dripping water, or it might be more subtle and cause stains on interior ceilings and walls—or even mold or mildew growth.

Outdated Style

Roofing styles are meant to last for years to come, but sometimes you simply decide you’d like a different roofing style to complement your home, even when your home’s roof is not necessarily old enough to call for a replacement. Wanting to give your home front a makeover is another great reason to consider investing in new roofing.

The choice to invest in a new roof can be a big one, and that’s why we’re here to help. Garn-Tee Roofing offers free, no-obligation roof estimates so that you can talk to a roofing professional about your decision to invest in a new roof or a small roofing repair. If you’re a Utah homeowner living near Salt Lake City, Provo, or Park City, contact us today!

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