Working Safely on Your Roof

22 Jan Working Safely on Your Roof

Oftentimes, it is very important to head up onto your roof to conduct inspections and repairs that need to be done for the safety of your home. However, it is important to never forget that it can be incredibly dangerous to work on top of a roof if you are careless and not taking the proper precautions. There is no reason it needs to be this dangerous, though. By remembering to put safety first, and being smart about the way you work, you can make working on your roof just as simple as any other workspace. Here are some tips for working safely on your roof…

Watch out for elements

As your roof is designed to protect your home from the threat of the outside elements, you may find that it becomes a place for these elements to pile up. It is important to be very cautious of this, as most of the elements we are talking about are work. For your safety, never work on a roof that is wet. After it rains, give an ample amount of time for your roof to dry properly. Also keep an eye out for any ice buildup that happens, as that can be extremely dangerous. Another way in which the elements can provide a danger to unwitting workers upon rooftops is the wind. Never attempt to work on your roof in conditions that are very windy, as this can put you in a situation where you lose balance and get hurt.

Keep a clean work area

In any space you are working in, having a messy area full of scattered tools and materials is never a safe thing. However, when working on a roof, having this sort of cluttered work area is just stupid and incredibly dangerous. Make sure that you keep an organized work area, and keep all of your tools and materials in a designated area that you won’t need to walk through, and that is easy to find. All it takes is one trip to fall and incur a very serious injury.

Wear shoes with grip

It’s always important to have the right tools for any job that needs to be done, and roof work is no exception. One of the most important jobs for any work that needs to be done on the roof is having proper footwear. Make sure that you wear shoes with good, strong grip, so that it will be much easier to keep your balance when you are focusing on other tasks.

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