Your Roof: What Not to Do

15 Nov Your Roof: What Not to Do

pressure washerThere are a lot of misconceptions surrounding roof care, and many homeowners attempt to care for their roofs in ways that are actually damaging to their roofs. Here are some things to avoid as you care for and maintain your roof.

Do not use a pressure washer.

Many homeowners will recommend pressure washing the roof in order to remove debris and give the roof a fresh look, but this can loosen your shingles, shorten their lifespan, and potentially even cause leakages in your roofing. Instead of using a pressure washer, use a blower and soft brush, or pick up any accessible debris by hand. You can also use specialized roof cleaners and a higher pressure hose, as long as the water pressure isn’t set too high. If you feel that your roof is in particularly poor shape, it’s best to call a professional, who can clean your roof with high-pressure water without causing damage.

Do not let moss and foliage accumulate.

Remember: your roof is a part of your home that also needs regular maintenance in order to last its lifespan. Be sure to inspect your gutters regularly, rather than assuming rainwater will still be able to trickle through a leaf-filled gutter system. Moss should always be taken care of as quickly as possible as well, as it can actually trap water.

Do not walk on your roof.

It’s best to avoid walking on your roof when at all possible, as this can loosen the granules on your roof and even cause shingles to loosen.

Do not hang Christmas lights with nails or staples.

This tip is especially important to remember as we approach the holidays. Instead of hanging your Christmas lights using a nail or staple gun—which will only cause damage to your shingles—it’s best to use the plastic Christmas light clips that you’ll find at your local big box store or hardware store. These clips will attach to the edge of your roof or to your gutters and will reduce the likelihood of your roof seeing any additional damage during the holiday season.

Do not wait for problems to occur.

It’s better to get regular roof inspections than to be forced into an elaborate roofing repair project later on down the road. Be sure to monitor your roof’s condition regularly so that a couple missing shingles would snowball into a problem of several missing shingles.

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